who we are


The Ninety-Nines, Inc.® was founded November 2, 1929, at Curtiss Field in Valley Stream, Long Island, New York. At that time, there were 117 women pilots worldwide. All were invited to attend a meeting in Long Island to discuss the possibility of establishing an organization of women pilots. Only a handful was able to attend the meeting, however, Louise Thaden was elected secretary and worked tirelessly to keep the group together as we struggled to organize and grow. Of the 117 originally invited, 99 joined to become charter members. The group took its name from the number of charter members and in 1931 elected Amelia Earhart its first president.

The Ninety-Nines, Inc.® is now an international organization of licensed women pilots from 35 countries -- we currently have over 6,500 members throughout the world. Our International Headquarters are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Although there are other female pilot organizations in various states and nations, virtually all women of achievement in aviation have been or are members of The Ninety-Nines.

Today, Ninety-Nines® are professional pilots for airlines, industry, and government; we are pilots who teach and pilots who fly for pleasure; we are pilots who are technicians and mechanics. But first and foremost, we are women who love to fly!



Chair: Naomi Chaqueco
Vice Chair:   Soyla Flor
Treasurer:  Lillian De La Cruz
Secretary: Jennifer Esquivel 
Membership:   Sheena Templo
Education: Minfei Chen
Scholarship:   Alicia Herron